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Hello Classmates,

On Saturday, August 27th 2005 we celebrated our 41st class reunion at the Crystal Community Club in Wakefield MA. There were approximately 75 attendees and again a great time was had by all. The varieties of food, including appetizers, entrees and desserts were overwhelming. A special thanks to Susan Boomhower for setting up the menu and servicing the kitchen facilities. This was our third reunion in three years and each year we're able to find more of our classmates. We all were so pleased to see some old friends rejoin us for the first time since we started our annual reunions. Andrea Bond and her husband Bob Morris, also a Melrose graduate...Jean Fagan Bell and husband Bob Bell....John Soursourian and wife....and a surprise visit by Gary Snyder, all the way from Sacramento CA. Our DJ Dan Maguire provided great music and was extremely accommodating to all requests.

We're already planning another reunion event for next year...so if you haven't participated, please consider doing so as the years are passing quickly.

As most of you know, we have lost four of our classmates in the past year, including Linda Scarpa, Linda Liebermann, Lois Berry and Dean Gaskill. In memory of these four and all our classmates who have passed on, our leader on the playing field during high school days and today a leader in life, Tom Kasprzak has initiated a Jimmy Fund donation from the Melrose High School Class of 1964. During our recent reunion nearly $1,100.00 were donated by classmates. We're hoping that those  who could not attend the reunion would also like to donate. We have set a date for the donation at October 1, 2005, so there is still plenty of time to join in. Please make out checks to the Jimmy Fund and mail them to Tom Kasprzak, 337 East Foster St, Melrose MA. 02176.

This particular donation is a priority for most of us in the class and we are hoping to raise a significant amount. Tom and I had discussed at length how lucky we were growing up in such a great era and how much the community and our families had given to us so that we could prosper. We feel that it is now time to give back so that our children and grandchildren can prosper as well as we have, and this is also another way to help keep alive the memories of classmates who are gone but not forgotten.

I also want all of you to know that we are always trying to find lost classmates and will continue the search. We appreciate all the leads and help in finding them. Our website has helped tremendously, but our subscription level could be better. If you have not yet signed on to our class website, please do so. Go to www.melrosehighschool.com and click on to "64" to view our class pages and find out the latest updates on our "Class News" page. When you subscribe your name on the class list will change to red and you can ebe e-mailed by anybody just clicking on to your name. It's a great way to communicate with classmates and there is no charge. I maintain the website and will keep it updated. We are also planning some sports viewing outings such as Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots. Please contact me if you would like to join in.

Thank You,


September 27, 2004

Hello Classmates,

One month has passed since our 40th reunion and what a great reunion weekend it was. Many thanks go out to all the committee members, their helpers and especially to Linda Jepson and Jane Murray for all their doings with a committee to thank the committee. Special thanks to Janet Holland and Judy Hughes for a very memorable golf outing. From the start to the finish there was always something going on throughout the weekend. Not much sleep was had many memories were. We started with a Friday afternoon luncheon in Mulligan's Pub at the Ferncroft resort, which was attended by some committee members and some early arrivals, such as Bruce and Jenny Locke, Dick and Gloria Hildreth and Joel Palmer. On Friday evening we had our Introduction Party in the main lobby "Living Room", and had a great time catching up with old friends as many as 75 attended.
Saturday morning gave us some very heavy rain, but we managed through our golf outing, and actually had a great time. Loretta Mullen, her husband Jon, Brian Patterson and Bill Comeau comprised the winning team by just a one shot margin. Bill Comeau and Janet Holland won the prizes for "closest to the pin" on selected par 3 holes. We then had another Saturday afternoon luncheon with many more attending, and that continued into our main event in the Grand Ballroom, where more than 150 attended. It was such a memorable evening, with great food, some fun music and many friends from our high school days. After the reunion, we had a post reunion party and celebrated Bob Corey's birthday with a surprise birthday cake. The party lasted till 4:30 AM, with of course, Jane Murray finally closing it. We all enjoyed a getaway breakfast on Sunday and said goodbye to our classmates...till next year. Sunday afternoon saw myself and Dick Greenlaw challenge Janet Holland and Judy Hughes to another golf match and of course the girls won AGAIN. The old theory that spouses of the reunion class do not have a good time at their spouses reunion did not apply. Just ask some who attended such as Jenny Locke, Gloria Hildreth, Anne Sartori and many others. In the next few months I'll send out some more notices about the past reunion and also next year's reunion . Everyone who attended this 40th reunion will have an invitation to next year's reunion free of charge. It's already paid for, thanks to some generous donations by some of our classmates. This week the photo CD from the reunion will be completed....and the pictures will tell all, especially for those who missed it.
I saved this nice piece of news for last. In our "memorial to those passed away", we listed Greg Wells as one who had passed and that was an error. Through some mis-communication, Greg's name had been added. I am pleased to announce that Greg is very much alive and living locally in MA. We hope to have him attend next year's reunion, so that we can all catch up with him.
Thanks, Ken

September 1, 2004

Hello Classmates,

Within the next week I'll send out a notice recapping the entire weekend of our 40th reunion. It was rated a 10, and everybody attending seemed to have a great time. This was a weekend reunion where the spouses also had a great time and joined in all the events, which were many. The photos will tell all....words couldn't justify it alone. We produced a CD of our class yearbook, and I'm now in production of a photo CD of our 40th reunion, with photos from the entire weekend. If anyone present at the reunion has photos that they would like to add to the CD, please email them to me or send copies which I could scan. Please let me know ASAP if you would like to add some photos, so that I can plan them in. Also, if anyone who did not attend, would like to add a present photo of themself or with spouse, please do so either by mail or email. I know that everyone would enjoy seeing everyone else on the CD. For those who did not attend the reunion and would like a copy of the Log CD, please send a check for $ 7.00 and I'll mail it out first class. We have about 20 copies left. All proceeds will go to our alumni fund, and will help finance next year's party. For those who attended or payed for this past reunion....next year's party is FREE!!! The photo CD from the reunion will also be $ 7.00 and should be ready by October with personalized labels for each individual, containing photos of yourself or close friends from the class. As you order I'll make the personalized label for each one.
I would also like to announce that Linda Jepson has been added to our committee. Her creativity, dedication and perseverance was quite evident in the beautiful program that she had created and also the many surprises with her Committee to Thank the Committee. She'll be a great asset in helping us plan future events.
Also, Janet Holland and Judy Hughes will remain in charge of special events, such as the fantastic ( even if it was raining ) Class of Sixty Fore Golf Outing. They did a great job, and all who participated had a great time. They also contributed all the golf gifts and prizes....a very generous gesture from our two golfing gals.
Emails can be sent to kenboomhower@comcast.net or mail to Kenneth Boomhower, 11 Sanford St, Melrose MA 02176..or Tel. number at 781 665-6320. Stay tuned to our class website at www.melrosehighschool.com, as all notices will be posted on Class News and new photos will be posted on post-reunion.